• Beerporn: Editor’s Choice

    We have a new site just for beerporn called http://hashtagbeerporn.com, as in #Beerporn.  We’ve been working on the site for over a month now, and the cool thing is that anyone can join and post pictures of beer to the site.  We have also been giving out an Editor’s Choice Award each week to the picture we think best represents beerporn during that week.  As an ongoing feature on Indy Beers each week I’ll be posting the Editor’s Choice winner from #Beerporn.

    This week, we have a backlog to get through as we have been doing this for a few weeks now.  So here are the winners for the past three weeks, in the order in which they won.

    Fuller’s ESB posted by user Husar


    Konig Bavarian Hefeweizen posted by user Michael


    Missile Command Pint posted by user Husar


  • Beerporn – Yuengling – Traditional Lager

    Beerporn – Yuengling – Traditional Lager – Memorial Day Weekend

    Remembering our men and women who died while serving the US Armed Forces.

  • Beerporn – Yards Brewing Company – Saison – Brew at the Zoo


    Beerporn – Yards Brewing Company – Saison – Brew at the Zoo

  • The Beerporn Mistake – Images Too Large

    If you’re on our email list you no doubt got the beerporn email early today with the extra large size images.  That, was a mistake.  You see, I write most of the content on the site, but I’m trying to get Chris into publishing some content, too (outside of the reviews he does with me).  I was walking him through how to upload a post during lunch from his iPhone using the WordPress app and it asked for image size.  I told him to go with original, as I have never had to resize the image in my Andriod WordPress app.  Well, it turns out there is a setting in the Android app that limits the image to a certain size, whereas in the iPhone app you set the size when adding the image.

    Long story short, you got an email with two REALLY BIG images.

    After some post lunch testing it has been determined that of the small, medium, large, and original sizes available in the app, it is the large, and not the original, that he should be using.  Sorry if we blew up your web browser with our big images, but hey, I hear we’re big on the internet.


  • Beerporn – DuClaw – Black Jack Stout & Misfit Red

  • Beerporn – Cascazilla – Ithaca Beer Co.


    Work fun at Kilpatrick’s in Ithaca, NY. Chris and I (and Avinash) are enjoying some great local beer.

  • Valentine’s Day Beerporn


    What better way to say I love you on Valentine’s day then with Ommegang’s Aphrodite, Adoration, & Seduction.

  • Beerporn – Wieden Brau – Dunkles


    Wieden Brau – Dunkles
    Vienna, Austria

  • Beerporn 7 Stern Brau


    7 Stern Brau – Marzen

  • Beerporn


    Star Hill – Northern Lights IPA
    Harry’s Tap Room – Dulles Airport, VA