• Beer Boosts Bone Mass

    Today’s article is another one promoting beer drinking for better health.  It seems that drinking beer boosts bone mass.

    Yet in this study, published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers adjusted for lifestyle factors and showed that among 3,218 women who consumed more than one drink a day of alcohol had a significantly greater femoral neck and lumbar bone mineral density (BMD) than those who never consumed alcohol.

    It seems, however, that not just any alcohol will do, the study states, “neither wine nor liquor intake was significantly associated with BMD —but rather beer.”

    Registered dietitian Elizabeth Brown MS,RD,CPT,CDE, says that beer’s bone benefit is due to its silicon content. “Studies report that dietary silicon intake of more than 40 mg per day correlates with increased BMD; however, the average daily intake of silicon is about 20 to 30 mg.”

    I’m more than happy to have a pint or two of my favorite beer or homebrew for better health.  Maybe the saying should be, “A beer a day keeps the doctor away.”

    Source: http://latino.foxnews.com