• Sam Adams is brewing special beer for the Boston Marathon

    I don’t like the idea of a low-alcohol beer to commemorate the Boston Marathon. As an avid runner I love a race that has beer on tap at the post race celebration. The best part of drinking at that point is knowing that regardless of what is in the beer (alcohol, carbs, calories, etc.), I’ve earned the right to drink the beer without worrying about those factors.

    I’m not alone in this regard, either. Just do a search for something like “Drinkers with a running problem” and you’ll get an idea of the how many people enjoy the activity of a post race drink. I have even participated in a race where you drink while running.

    Low-alcohol beer? Sounds more like  marketing (to those not running) than anything else. Anyone who has qualified for the Boston Marathon knows that carb loading is a something that needs to be done for longer races, and as such, I think a heavy beer, not a light one, would be better beer to commemorate the Boston Marathon.

    Most details about the special beer will be disclosed at the event, but in a media advisory, the company noted, “This unique brew is fitting for both runners and spectators on race day,” because it is a lighter body beer with a slightly lower alcohol level than many of the other beers in the Samuel Adams line-up.

    Source: boston.com

  • Yuengling now America’s Largest Brewer


    I’m not a big fan of Yuengling beer, but I’ll drink it any day of the week over the swill produced by Anheuser BuschMiller, or Coors.  Yuengling is now the largest American owned brewery in the United States.

    According to new estimates from Beer Marketer’s Insights, Yuengling surged last year with shipments up 16.9% to 2.5 million barrels, placing it eighth in overall U.S. market share, at 1.2%. That was good enough to nose by Boston, which grew by 8% to 2.4 million barrels, dropping to ninth place. Boston owns the Sam Adams brand.

    I’m very happy to see that the top largest American owned breweries are independent.  Further down the list, however, there is some room for improvement:

    Yuengling’s ranking as the top American-owned brewer comes with some caveats. Pabst Brewing Co., which ranks fifth overall, is U.S.-owned, but outsources its brewing. Sixth-place North American Breweries, which sells brands such as Genesee and Magic Hat, is also U.S.-owned, but a chunk of its volume comes from the imported Labatt brand.

    If you haven’t had Yuengling, it’s worth a try, and it’s better for the US economy, too!!!

    Source:  adage.com