• Local Beer Gets More Local

    Wine has long been a product in which the grapes are grown near where the wine is produced, often on the same farm.  This is a trend that may be starting soon with beer as well.  A project started in downtown Toronto, Canada is looking to grow hops in the city to be used in making local beer. If you’re planning for 3 Days in Toronto, then you can check these out!

    This spring, hops were planted on the property of businesses such as I deal Coffee and restaurant/bar Parts & Labour (both located in the west end of downtown Toronto), a handful of residential backyard gardens and Wychwood Barns, a park and community hub. Katie Mathieu tended to the hops at Parts & Labour – she runs a planter garden project on the building’s rooftop, growing vegetables and herbs for use in the restaurant. Ms. Mathieu says the hops thrived in planters on the roof.

    This is a really positive move towards a more green method of brewing beer, and I hope to see more of it.  Michael Clark, co-founder of Toronto’s Bellwoods Brewery had this to say:

    “Even if the city hops program isn’t a colossal money-maker, there’s a tangible benefit to the greening of space and having it produce something that connects people to that space,” says Mr. Clark.

    Source: theglobeandmail.com