• Beer fridge knocks out mobile network, but still keeps beer cold

    I stocked the fridge with goodies for the non-wine drinking crowd.

    All Craig Reynolds wanted his beer fridge to do was keep his brewski cold, but the machine was capable so much more than that. It took down a mobile network in neighborhoods all over Melbourne, Australia. According to technicians, the fridge’s motor went on the fritz and started emitting electric sparks that created enough radio frequency noise to black out the cell network. Using a tracking antenna named for its creator, Mr. Yagi, the crew followed the interference until they were led to a specific home address. And a specific beer fridge. “I’m going to run and see if my fridge is all right next time there’s a problem with the network,” said an amazed Reynolds, who will at least still have cold beer even if his cellphone’s down.


    Source: http://now.msn.com/beer-fridge-knocks-out-power-to-mobile-network-in-australia