• Fantastical Fictive Beers

    Fantastical Fictive Beers

    Presenting Fantastical Fictive Beers, for when only a fictional brew will do. Can you not get enough of that wonderful Duff? Want to crack a Girlie Girl with Al Bundy? Or maybe you need a Butterbeer to help you cope with the fact that a noseless wizard is always trying to kill you? Whatever your quaff, kick back and enjoy this scrupulously illustrated selection of 71 beers from some of the greatest movies, books, and TV shows ever…and, okay, even a few of the not-so-greatest.


    You can buy the poster here:

  • Map of United States Breweries

    Before I even talk about why you should buy this poster, I highly recommend checkout the zoom function available on the website for viewing the map.  To quote the Pop Chart Lad site:

    The most comprehensive mapping of the breweries of the USA ever compiled, this monster print measures in at over seven square feet and over 1,000 breweries from craft to macro and everything in between.

    With the amount of breweries in the USA breaking the 2000 mark last week, this is already a little out of date, but nonetheless impressive.  I would love to get one for my office!!

    Source: http://popchartlab.com/