• Walmart and Craft Beers a New Marriage

    So it seems Walmart is going to give more beer space to craft beers.  This can only be good for craft beer lovers giving you more choices in more places.

    In another sign that the fast-growing segment is going mainstream, the nation’s largest company and biggest beer seller is planning to add shelf space to accommodate more craft brews, former Walmart CEO Lee Scott told distributors this week at their annual convention in Las Vegas. Mr. Scott, who retired as CEO in 2009 but still serves on the board, said he recently talked to a top Walmart official who is “clearly is in line with the fact we’ve got to make more space, we have to have more representation on assortment.”

    I’m very happy to see this news.  While I don’t often find myself in a Walmart, I know millions of Americans do.  Giving these individuals more choice in the products they see may help bring new craft beer lovers to the table.  Mr. Scott goes on to say:

    Walmart, Mr. Scott added, “built the company on two things: One was price, but the other was assortment, and you can’t take an area like beer where people are moving to craft and ‘under-assort’ yourself because the person who is buying craft beer and wants that assortment will drive to Kroger and pay the 15% more.”

    I’m glad to see that even a super store like Walmart can find value in showcasing the small business products!!

    Source: adage.com