What is the worst beer in the world?

What is the worst beer you have ever had the misfortune of tasting?  A true lemon among a bounty of better beer.  For Garrett Oliver brewmaster of the Brooklyn Brewery that beer was in Vietnam:

That’s an interesting question. I had a Vietnamese beer a few years ago that was called Saigon and it was just, it was really, really ghastly. I didn’t remember—though I do realize that beers existed that still tasted quite that bad—it reminded me of one that I had in East Germany in the mid-1980s, when there was an East Berlin. I drank a beer when I spent a day in East Berlin, and I thought, “Boy, Communism is certainly bad but I didn’t know it was so bad that it could even make Germans produce terrible beer.” And it had. I don’t know whether Vietnam is still considered particularly Communist, but apparently it hasn’t done anything to their beer industry anyway.

For me, the individual worst beer I ever had was in a small bar about 2 days after New Years Eve.  I don’t think the place had been open for a week, and I arrived about tthe time the were opening their doors for the first time that year.  I caught a Budweiser (I was young and uninformed) fresh out of the line after sitting for all that time.  I think I almost threw up.  I had never tasted a beer skunked so badly.

As for the worst beer that was properly served, I would have to say a pumpkin ale I had last year.  Every year at my house I give away tons of candy for the kids, and pumpkin ales for the adults.  I also have a few seasonal beers for those that don’t want a pumpkin.  By the end of the night half my neighbors have a red solo cup in their hand.  I usually start collecting various pumpkins at the start of October, and by the time Halloween comes around there are 5-6 from which to choose.  I only had one, as I had given the others away, and I honestly don’t recall who made it, but it was like drinking the worst pumpkin pie you’ve ever had.  Over spiced to the point where you almost wanted to gag on first taste.  From now on I decided to only serve Dogfish Head’s Punkin ale (and maybe 1-2 other choice craft pumpkins) as it is always reliable and easy to find in my area.

So what’s the worst beer for you?

Source: gothamist.com


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  1. The House of Husar /

    There are so many bad beers it is hard to mention just one. But I would have to say Bud Light takes the cake. Not only does it taste terrible it gives me a headache.

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