Friday Beer Fun

Just for fun I have put together a group of old and new Friday fun articles I’ve found over the past week for your Friday pleasure.  I may turn this into a regular column if everyone tends to like it.

  1. For the party animal in you, a collection of custom beer pong tables:
  2.  10 uses for beer that don’t include drinking it:
  3. 10 great dishes made with beer:
  4.  Are you a beer lover, or a beer snob?
  5.  Beer infographic with lots of useless data you’ll only use when drinking beer:
  6. More useless beer information, this time in the form of records:
  7. A beer gauge chart to know if your bartender is cheating you:
  8. Craft Beer cigars for combing two of your favorite pleasures:
  9. For that person in your life that already has every type of beer glass:
  10.  And lastly, a beer motivational poster for the easily amused:

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