Friday Beer Fun – Bottle Opener Edition

We all have our favorite bottle opener to use.  Maybe it’s easy to open bottles with it, or maybe it has nostalgic or sentimental value.  But even with as many bottle openers as we may have laying around the house, there always room for one more, especially if it’s unique or just plain cool.  So here are a few bottle openers that may pique your interest.

  1. How about a custom “butterfly” beer opener.  The toy that everyone will want to play with once they see it.  (may cause stories of rebellious childhood activities to be told)
  2. Maybe you were more the switch blade type. (Again, your friends will want to play with this one, too)
  3. Seeing we’re talking about weapon style openers, how about a set of brass knuckles or some other aggressive looking openers?  (Not to be used after too much drinking)
  4. Or maybe a bottle opener that tracks how many of your beers your friends are drinking.  (Guaranteed to elicit comments when certain numbers are reached)
  5. If you’re working around the grill, an all in one grill tool would be nice.  This features 7 unique tools:   spatula, tongs, fork, serrated edge, bottle opener, cork screw, & a slot to place lighter  (As with the butterfly opener, your friends will want to play with this one, too)
  6. Maybe you prefer to wear your bottle opener so you know you’re never without one.  (With this ring i thee wed, oh grand and glorious beer)
  7. You could also wear your bottle open on your feet, although I’m not a fan of opening my bottle with the bottom of my shoe.  Who knows what I may have stepped in.  (Did someone step in dog poop?)
  8. Not wearable, but almost always less than an arms length away, a bottle opener on your phone case.  (This really seems like the most convenient of the lot)
  9. For the horror fan, how about some vampire teeth.  (You’re allowed to hit anyone who says, “I want to suck your beer”)
  10. And lastly, for your inner-geek, some SciFi love.  (You may be teased for using these in public)
Did I miss any that you think should have been on the list?  Do you have a favorite bottle opener?  Feel free to tell us about it in the comments.

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