Beerporn: Editor’s Choice

Tuesday is Editor’s Choice award day on .  We are giving out an Editor’s Choice Award each week to the picture we think best represents beerporn during that week.  As an ongoing feature on Indy Beers each week I’ll be posting the Editor’s Choice winner from #Beerporn.  Remember, anyone can join and post pictures of beer to

What I liked about this week’s winning post was the follow-up comment.  While I love the pictures posted to the site, I very happy that Skylar took the extra time to do a micro review of the beer in the comments section.

This was actually very good. I’d read a ton of reviews, and they all cited that the beer lost a little something as it warmed up, so I stored mine in the freezer overnight. It poured thick, but clean. The flavor was similar to the 60 minute IPA, albeit, sweeter. For ~120 ibu, this beer was surprisingly sweet, actually. I finished it by the time it was room temp(~30min) and followed with a beer I will post tomorrow. All in all, a good beer I will be buying more of.

Dogfish Head 120 minute IPA (~18% ABV) posted by user

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