World’s Beer Production Hits Record High, with China Leading the Way

Tired of seeing China as the number one country in the world for medal count at the 2012 Summer Olympic Games?  Well it seems they are also number one in beer production, too.  In a recent report by the research arm of a Japanese brewery the rise was attributed to the increase in demand in Asian countries.

The report commissioned by Kirin Holdings said 192.71 million kiloliters (50.9 billion gallons) of beer were produced last year, up 3.7 percent from 2010. China was the world’s largest beer producer — accounting for about 25 percent — for the 10th straight year.


The United States saw a slight decrease in production from the year before but still ranked second at 11.7 percent, followed by Brazil and Russia.

It seems China is slowly becoming the super power they have always dreamed of being, but will it hold?  Here’s to hoping of seeing fewer things “made in China”, not more.


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