Drinking Lots of Beer Will Strengthen Your Muscles (But Also Kill You)

Want bigger muscles? Start drinking more beer, lots and lots of it.   A research team has found that beer can help prevent muscle tissue deteriorating, thanks to the “prenylated flavonoids” found in hops.  Unfortunately, you have to enjoy about 30 gallons a day, or about 240 pint glasses.  The Tokushima University research team in Japan found the prenylated flavonoids had positive effects on the muscle mass of incapacitated rats (such as ones with paralyzed legs).  Now all we need is an alternative way to get the needed dosage into humans.  Too bad it would take too much beer.

However, to achieve the same effects on the scale of a human, one would have to eat 1kg (2lbs) of hops a day.  Since that would be really disgusting, we would rather consume them in beer form.  This way, one must drink anywhere from 83 to 20,000 litres (22-5000 gal) of beer per day to achieve the needed dosage of the prenylated flavonoid known as 8-prenylnarigenin (8-PN).

Source: http://en.rocketnews24.com/

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