We’re Changing Our Name

If you’re a regular reader of this site you know that we have been Indy Beers for a long time.  While I have always loved that name, too often when I talked about the site with others I would have to spell the site (it’s not Indie, Indi, Inde, etc.) and explain the concept of the site (it’s not about Indianapolis, it’s about promoting independent beers).

Recently I went on a trip to CA to the Lagunitas Brewery for a trip on the Skunk train.  It was a weekend gig, and lots of fellow beer drinkers were around.  I was asked several times where I was going to post the pictures I was taking.  After having to spell the name and explain the purpose of site too many times, I just start saying Independent Beers instead of Indy Beers.  No need to spell it, and it seems everyone understood what the site was about.

We have owned both domain names since day 1, and both names will continue to point to this site, but from now on, we are Independent Beers.  Of course, you can always call us Indy Beers if you want.

Beer drinker, beer lover.

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  1. Ed /

    Makes total sence. Liking the name change.

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