• The Beer Fag: Oskar Blues’ Deviant Dale’s!

    Another great video brought to you by Gus.  A few highlights of the video for me are:

    • The blatantlyobvious plug for his local homebrew shop http://www.brewtensils.com/
    • The synchronized pouring
    • Identification of hops in the beer

    Without Further ado, I once again give you, The Beer Fag.


  • The Beer Fag: Oskar Blues’ Dale’s Pale Ale!

    This is Gus Stathes.  Gus calls himself, “The Beer Fag” and his video reviews can be pretty funny at times.  As I once told him, “Watching these videos is like watching a train wreck. I really don’t want to watch, but I can’t look away. There is always something in them that makes me laugh.”

    To that end, I thought I would share one of his videos with you today.  If the general consensus is good, I’ll pick some of his videos from time to time to be featured on Indy Beers.  Without Further ado, allow me to introduce The Beer Fag.