Friday Beer Fun – Spring is Here Edition

With Spring time here in full swing and Summer right around the corner it’s time to take a look at some beer related items that will help you get through the outdoor time of year.

  1. First on the list is a Beer holster, for the hands free action you’ll need.
  2. Perhaps you’ll be going to some festivals and want your own stylish mug to take along.
  3. If you want a stein that is a little more geeky, how about a portal stein?
  4. If you’re looking to sneak beer into an event, how about a fake beer belly.
  5. Of course, women may want to sneak in some beer of their own.
  6. Having an outdoor party and want to roll out your latest homebrew? (Holds 2 corny kegs and a 5lb CO2 bottle)
  7. With all this beer being opened, you wouldn’t want to litter, so make sure to catch all the bottle caps.–Accessories–Home.html
  8.  With all that you have going on, you wouldn’t want to lose track of time, so you’d better get yourself a good clock.
  9. If you’re into entertaining, why not bring your music with you in these perfectly tuned beer bottles.
  10.  And lastly, if you’ve been looking for an impressive way to open a beer, why not use a chainsaw.

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  1. Ed /

    I want that beer holster!

    1. Scott
      Scott / Post Author

      I actually have something similar:

      The water bottle holder does a great job at holding beer. Here is a shot of me at a show:

      Notice the beer bottle sticking out of the right side.

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