Technology in the glass of your beer

Guinness has a new marketing campaign that is similar to the Coors cold activated cans, but much cooler (pun not intended).  This one, instead of letting you know your beer is cold, turns on a QR code that you can scan for social media sharing.  As a long time user of QR codes I can tell you that most people don’t use them, but for those of us that do, this would be a fun conversation point at a bar.  As a note, the code in the image does not work (I tired).



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  1. Brian /

    That’s pretty cool, but when you are tired it seems you are more in need of an editor.


  2. Ed /

    This is so awesome. I have already started to search on where to buy a set of these. I think it might be easier to have a few accidentally fall into my wife’s purse at a local pub or offer to buy them there.

    But on the QR code front, I too love them but I can’t find them enough. I think I am going to start posting QR codes on blog and Instagram just see what kind of response I get. It will be interesting to see just who and how many can really decode them. More to come.

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