Olympian Fails to Break World Record in Beer Mile

Having run a beer race myself (Hazleton, PA Chhips Race), I know they can be a ton of fun; however, like anything in sports, if there is a record to break, someone is going to try and break it.  Nick Symmonds set out to break the world record for the “beer mile”.  What is the “beer mile”?  It’s a one mile run in which the running has to drink a beer every quarter mile.

While Michael Phelps relaxes on an island vacation and Gabby Douglas makes the media rounds and Ryan Lochte awkwardly stumbles his way through another interview, Nick Symmonds is still working hard after the Olympics.


Following his fifth-place finish in the London 800 meters, the American runner began heavy training to break a world record in the prestigious “beer mile,” a mile-long race in which a runner has to chug a beer at quarter-mile intervals. Symmonds tried to break the mark on Tuesday and TMZ cameras were there for some reason.


He finished in 5:19, a few seconds short of the world-record mark of 5:09 set by Canadian marathoner and should-be living legend Jim Finlayson.


That’s a regular Coors he was drinking. I doubt I’d be able to walk to the fridge after having two Coors heavies. Actually, strike that: I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Coors heavy.


Given the circumstances, a 5:19 is a remarkable time. And we say that with the full knowledge that Symmonds definitely didn’t finish that first one.


Symmonds gained non-Olympic headlines earlier this year when he went out on a date with Paris Hilton. He brought her a gift bag that included a pink watch, a pink towel, pink bubble bath and a package of SnoBalls.

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  1. Mr. Bottomtooth
    6 liter bladder /

    Beer, pool, do it in a lane of beer, that’s what he needs to come in 6th place

    The HepC he got from Paris may have been a hindrance in his quest.

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