Friday Beer Fun – DIY Edition

With Spring coming soon it’s time to start your list of Spring projects to do.  Here are a few DIY beer related items that you might want to consider in the coming months.

  1. The first thing you’ll need is a beer mug, so why not make your own.
  2. You’ll need someplace to drink that beer, so why not build yourself a bar.

  3. You’ll need some beer to go with the mug and bar, so why not brew your own.
  4. When the beer is done you’ll need a place to store it, so it’s time to build a kegerator.
  5. Of course, maybe you’re looking for a non-conventional beer dispensing method, like a fire extinguisher.
  6. If you’re into bottling instead, you’ll need to make some labels.
  7. Or maybe you want more than just a label, how about a whole 4-6 pack setup?
  8.  If you’re like me, you have kids around a lot, so you should have some beer for them, too.
  9. You could also have fun treats for the adults.
  10. And lastly, while everyone is hanging out enjoying everything you’ve made they will surely be using your Wi-Fi.  Time to build a Wi-Fi booster.

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